Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
(10-09-2021, 03:37 PM)admin Wrote: It could be that you have some other device on your network that is accessing your router periodically that is interrupting the connection.  Your router probably only has a single receiver for the 2.4GHz side.  I have a router (TP-Link) that has two 2.4GHz transceivers, and two 5.8GHz transceivers.  I assigned one of the 2.4GHz transceivers strictly for my WiModem.  This insures that nothing else in my house will interfere with it.  If you do have this ability with your router then that should solve the ping issue.

That sounds like pretty good advice. I'm not sure what in my household would be interfering. The only other wireless devices are my wife's iPhone and the other 2 WiModem 232's that I have. Considering they are only intermittently
in use (and I know I've had the problem when both were turned off), I feel certain it's not the WiModems.

I think I need to research my router some more and find out if it does have more than 1 channel. If not, I may just have to upgrade to something better. If I have to upgrade, then gosh darn it, I guess I'll just have to.  Go ahead, twist my arm, okay - that's enough.  Smile

Thanks Jim.

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