Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Hey Jim. I'm still having some problems. A handful of callers are still getting "broken screens" and I even get them here sometimes, and that's with a Win10 box, SyncTerm, and a hard-wired CAT5 LAN connection.

With the WiModem 232 we can download Zmodem okay, but the only way to upload is Xmodem (but we talked about Zmodem and it's tight tolerances already).

So a couple of things. Here's what the broken screens/menus look like:



So it was late last night and I decided to play around with "ping". Here are the results. The first picture is the WiModem 232 hooked up to my STacy (settings pretty much the same as for the BBS). Notice the first 4-5 pings. It does settle down after that but still, the average ping time is 18ms. I've had several people tell me that's too high. The second picture is with the Lantronix UDS-10 hooked up to the BBS. Of course it's hard-wired. With the UDS-10 hooked up to the BBS, and set to "raw", I can successfully do downloads and uploads with Zmodem. 



I feel all of this just means that there is certainly something wrong with my WiFi, but I just don't know what...

Thanks for all your help.

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