Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
I compared my WiModem 232 settings to Amis's.

Identical except for:

Baud rate - 19.2 vs 9600. That shouldn't make any difference.

D0 vs D1 - inverts DCD polarity. I tried both ways. Didn't make any difference.

X0 vs X1 - just shows the connect speed when you logon. Again, shouldn't make
any difference.

I looked through my router (it's a Linksys) but I can't see anything that would make
any difference or would be affecting this.

Besides, if it was, wouldn't it also affect when I download using SyncTerm on my Windows
10 box or Kubuntu Linux laptop since they are also on the same LAN with the same
router and they download fine?

I also tried doing this:



Shouldn't the first take it out of the LAN and back in again?

Both connect fine btw, but neither will download successfully.


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