Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Hello Jim.

I've installed the WiModem 232 onto the Atari Mega ST4 that runs the DarkForce BBS for testing purposes.

This is running in "raw" mode and DTR set to 2.

It's accepting calls and hanging up without any problems.

I went through the menu and it seems to all be working for that part.

Downloading... the eternal thorn in my side. Smile

Using SyncTerm on a Windows 10 computer I successfully downloaded the TESTFILE in File Sig 3.
I also successfully downloaded a couple of .ZIP files without problems.

Now...with a WiModem 232 hooked to my Atari Mega STe, I called into my BBS with its' WiModem 232.
Connects fine and disconnects fine. Menu choices work fine.

However, it gives the same "CRC error" and "subpacket too long" error on downloads. Further, and I
find this really strange, when the download fails, the WiModem 232 disconnects the call.

I have RTS/CTS (CRC) turned on, on both the BBS computer and the Atari computer I called in with.

I also tried it with it turned off. Didn't seem to make any difference.

I also tried calling in with "ATDT*T0,". That didn't make any difference

Please login to the BBS at your convenience, for testing purposes.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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