Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
I don't think I have that ability (to send a text file). Sorry. Sad

I'm hearing different things. There's a pretty close-knit group of Atari SysOps that hang out ('net speaking, that is),
and we exchange a lot of information. I first became aware of the downloading issue because the people with the
WiModem 232 reported to me that they could not download from DarkForce.

Again, for UDS-10 ----> UDS-10, I've had different results. In fact, I guess that's why I didn't realize there was a
problem until the WiModem 232 owners reported it because downloading or uploading, text files or binary files,
from my Atari Mega STe with a UDS-10 connected, to the Mega ST4 that runs DarkForce, also with a UDS-10,
gives no problems.

I'm wondering if this is just an Atari ST thing maybe? I'm using 19.2k, 8N1 CRC is on...on both machines.

Thanks for all the hard work investigating this, I'm sure it's probably just something silly that I'm doing

PS OH...I tried to download TESTFILE from File Sig 3 with my Mega STe hooked up to the WiModem 232
and it would not do it. Tried a binary file, and of course it wouldn't download it either. Both instances gave
a "subpacket too long" error message on 2 different comms programs that I tried. Sad

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