Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
I use a stock 14MHz Amiga 1200 for testing everything.  It will run up to at 115200 baud.  Like I said, I have zero issues uploading or download the TESTFILE on your website - at any baud rate.  I was just pointing out that your system is very slow for file transfers.  Keep in mind that you are in located in Kentucky and I am in Arizona.  If you didn't have max throughput on your system locally then that would be a serious problem!  Your setup is not leaving your router, it just loops back.  File transfers to/from you from outside locations have to go through an ISP and various station hops.  All of that adds latency, making file transfers problematic.  Remember that a standard modem had about a maximum of 25ms of latency from New York to Australia.  You are extremely lucky to get a ping time under 25ms across a single state with the Internet.  The latency is what causes problems with several different file transfer protocols, Zmodem in particular.

There are many settings for the UDS10.  Do you have the manual?  It talks about how to change the settings for the pack control and terminal type.  Attached in the manual.

I am going to see if ZOC8 Terminal has a capture mode.  I think it does, so I should be able to connect to your BBS and capture any Telnet specific commands that are sent (if any).   Your BBS might be sending a Telnet code to enable binary transfers just before the file transfer occurs, or maybe there is a Telnet break occurring.  I don't know?   The only thing i know for sure is that there are absolutely no problems uploading or downloading files to your BBS as long as they do not contain "some" character(s), which is likely the special Telnet escape character (IAC). So basically text files work perfectly, but binary files do not.

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