Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
(07-28-2021, 11:49 PM)admin Wrote: OK, so I had no problem downloading the testfile.  I got zero errors with a Zmodem transfer.  For the fun of it, I also tried with Telnet off (RAW mode) and that also worked - which I fully expected.  So, the problem here is the Telnet translation that is being done on your end.  I am guessing that it has something to do with the UDS-10 unit itself.  Does that actually have a Telnet/Raw setting?  It could be that the UDS-10 is sending some sort of Telnet command that is suppose to occur between packets, or maybe even something like changing the escape character from FF to something else?  There are literally hundreds of Telnet commands.

One thing I will say is that at 9600 baud I typically see transfers in the upper 800's of characters per second (cps) between two 9600 baud systems.  Your system's max transfer speed at 9600 baud is right at 700 cps.  That is really slow (by 20%+), so I am wondering what is causing that.    I called back at 57600 (which should max your system's 19200 baud out) and I got a successful transfer at 1350 cps.. that's a big drop from the normal 1850's you should be seeing with 19200 baud.

So, at this point I guess I need to know WHAT is actually enabling a Telnet protocol.  A ISP or router doesn't, only the device responsible for data transfers, so I guessing it is the UDS-10?

Hmm, well, I don't know. What machine did you have you WiModem 232 hooked up to? I have mine hooked up to a Atari Mega STe, running at 16mhz.

Using that setup, while it successfully connects to everything I've called, it simply will not download from DarkForce without CRC erroring out. I've also been
told by a few of my callers using WiModem 232's that they are unable to download as well.

Not sure about the slow speed. Did you notice the CPS download speed on the picture I posted?


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