Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
(07-28-2021, 12:34 PM)admin Wrote: Ok, I called your BBS and the problem is not with the Telnet translation.  I attempted to upload a file containing just space and return characters.  Only binary files (that has any FF's in them) require the translation to be enabled in order to escape those characters.  Since that text-only file does not work, it would have to be something else in the setup of your UDS-10.  I searched around for a bit and find that this is actually a common problem with the UDS-10 even talking to itself.  There are many posts like this one:

I have never seen a UDS-10 before, but I do know that HEATWAVEBBS uses one (or use to) and I have no issues with uploads/downloads there.

This problem could be due to the all of the hops with router, port forwarding, and back and forth translation with the UDS-10.   Although it seems from the posts I have seen that the data coming in/going out for at least Xmodem protocol is correct.  This makes me wonder if there is some Telnet specific command that is being used with the UDS-10.  I don't support any of these commands other than DONT/WONT (to tell the Telnet device that I don't/won't support commands) and only the translation (escaping FF's) is supported.

Since the UDS-10 is so slow, why are you not using the WiModem232 instead of it?  There are a ton of people who run their BBS's with the WiModem232.  You can run it at 230400 baud if you wanted to.

Well, successful uploads and downloads have been achieved with the following setups:

Windows 7 - both the Console and SyncTerm, zmodem

Windows 10 - both the Console and SyncTerm, zmodem

Kubuntu Linux - both Ztelnet and SyncTerm, zmodem

Atari ST (TOS) - both STalker and TAZ, zmodem (calling in with another UDS-10)

All of the above set to telnet, not raw.

Hmm, I guess I need to apologize. I assumed you were familiar with the Atari ST line of computers. My bad.

The Mega ST4 has a serial port limited to 19.2k. That's what DarkForce runs at.

I did try the WiModem 232 on DarkForce. You could connect, but all uploads and downloads CRC errored out. 
Also, some key commands would not work. That's weird to me. Darkforce acted the same way with the UDS-10
set to raw as well. 


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