Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
OK, I am able to upload the TESTFILE at 9600 baud. That same file won't upload at 57600 baud. This tells me that there is a timing issue with the UDS-10. Maybe this is why most people use the UDS-1100 instead?

I was not able to download a binary file with Zmodem at 9600 baud though, so if you can put that TESTFILE that I uploaded in one of your download directories I would like to try to download it at 9600 to see if that works with various protocols. Zmodem is super touchy, so I was surprised to see the upload work. I uploaded it also with YModem-1K and that worked fine. The Xmodem and Ymodem protocols don't have tiny timing windows... they still have windows, but typically it's not an issue for WiFi<>router connections. In your case you have a Serial<>Ethernet<>router connection. I did see that the UDS-10 is not fully asynchronous (why it has the collision LED). Its certainly possible that the timing at higher baud rates is too fast and collisions are occurring.

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