Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
Hello. I'm Ron Hall, aka "DarkLord", SysOp of the DarkForce BBS.

I have 3 WiModem 232's. I set one up on my Atari Mega STe where
it works great. I've been able to call out pretty much to anywhere +
anything, no problems.

However, I can not get it to download from BBS's that employ telnet
instead of RAW. It just times out with multiple CRC errors.

I tried using AT*T1, but that didn't help. Same results.

I did find this reply to a post about telnet in the forum:

"None of the Telnet commands are supported. Any time a Telnet command or request is sent to the WiModem(232) while using telnet translation mode (AT*T1), the WON'T/DON'T response is returned."

Does that mean that the WiModem 232 simply will not work with telnet BBS's for downloading?


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