Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
So, it turns out that the latest Espressif core has a known issue accessing the time server under some WiFi circumstances. We need the latest core, so I am looking at some other options for working around this until it is fixed.
Oh, hey - missed this post somehow...

So there's a potential explanation for what's going on with my UTC problem, eh?

Cool - thanks for looking into it, appreciated. Smile
The issues with the Espressif core was fixed and is part of the v5.10 of the WiModem232 firmware.
Okay, thanks.

Well, I tried checking IP addresses this morning (hadn't really fooled with this since the last time I posted),
and the IP address list given by ATI5 was there, but with that funky timestamp. AT*TIME was also showing
that weird time format.

So I did the usual AT*NET= dance, switching from static to DHCP and once I did that, it shows the correct
time now. So I switched back but this time it's still showing the correct time. Go figure. That didn't work the
last time I tried it but it seems to be working okay now.

One other thing and this is odd to me...when I switch from STATIC to DHCP then back to STATIC it totally
clears the ATI5 listing. Blank. Nada, after that. (no power off involved).

Thanks and hope you had a great Christmas! Smile
I will take a look at that. It should clear the data for ATI5, but it still should show *something*.
Nope, goes to a totally blank field, just like if you powered the WiModem232 completely off.

Gotta say, loving the ATI5 and correct time stamp combo.

Here, with my Mega ST4, I open up STalker which allows you access to your drop-down ACC's,
(desk accessories) and do an ATI5. Then I use the Editress, an ACC text editor, to pull up my
caller log and directly match it up against the list from ATI5 in real time. Very cool and very handy
for getting what you need to ban the 'bots.

That sounds like something from I, Robot - Ban the 'Bots! Maybe we can start a meme... Smile
LOL! Smile

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