Downloading problems with WiModem 232 and a UDS-10
OK, thanks for letting me know. I am not sure why that would matter, but I didn't write any of that code (it part of the Espressif libraries), so who knows what that does. Smile
Gotcha. No biggie really.

My other 2 WiModem's are set to DHCP anyway and they
update fast and without problems.

It's just the one for the BBS and changing static to DHCP,
running the update and changing DHCP back to static adds,
what, 30 seconds? Smile
So, why do you use a static address? I added this because of someone else that needed this capability. Is it because your router keeps renewing leases?
(11-16-2022, 05:30 PM)admin Wrote: So, why do you use a static address?  I added this because of someone else that needed this capability.  Is it because your router keeps renewing leases?

Umm, no. It's because of my BBS. You want to keep a locked IP address
because you're passing Internet (telnet) traffic to it. When you use the
advanced routing options in your router (port forwarding), it really doesn't
need to be a moving target.   Smile
I use a DNS service for that. I have as my BBS site... just no BBS. Smile
(11-16-2022, 11:16 PM)admin Wrote: I use a DNS service for that.  I have as my BBS site... just no BBS.  Smile

Hmm, right. I use, so when a user telnets in, it's: port 1040

But from there, once it hits the router, the router sends it to a specific IP address and port
assigned to the WiModem232. If I used DHCP, then every time I restarted the WIModem
it could potentially end up with a different assigned number and the router wouldn't find

Am I making sense?  Smile
Yes, I fully understand. My router has support built-in for dyndns directly, and I don't allow it to change any IP address once assigned. So, even if you re-new the lease, all of my assigned IP's come back again. So, I am creating static IP's within the router.
Very nice!
Hmm, okay, I think I've got a little bit of a problem.

After the last update, I ran the BBS for awhile then
decided to check "ATI5" and try to match up some
of those IP addresses against the bogus login attempts
showing up in my CALLER.LOG file. This is the first time
I tried it.

ATI5 is blank. It shows the list of 20 but they are blank.
By now, it should have filled up many times over, unless
I'm misunderstanding the way it works.

Was there another parameter that I was supposed to change
or set to enable it?

Every incoming connection (not outgoing) should be logged. These are volatile though. If you power off or reboot the WiModem232, these are lost and would be blank.

I had to test more than 20 connections to make sure that the list scrolls correctly. After 20 connections the 21st would force the list to move up one position with the oldest entry deleted.

You can easily test this by simply calling the BBS, disconnecting, shutting down the BBS (without powering off the WiModem232) and then use a terminal program to check the log with ATI5. You should see the current time date stamp and IP address.

You can also check to make sure that the TIME/DATE server is working by entering AT*TIME? {RETURN} That should show you the current date & time in Arizona, unless you have changed the UTC offset. The updated manual has information on this.

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