WiModem for Commodore PET 2001
Hey guys, im very interested in buying one of the wifi modems for my Commodore PET

Do I need to buy the WiModem232 and mod it, or can I buy the WiModem and simply plug it into my user port? 

Im just not sure if the WiModem would work with something older than the C64.

Thank you for the clarification!
You need to buy the WiModem (not the WiModem232, that will never work) and mod it. You have to cut a trace between pin 2 of the board and add a wire for supplying 5v. This is typically through the cassette port.

If you place an order and make a note it is for a PET, I can do the mod for you. You will still have to figure out where to get 5v power from.
Thank you very much for your reply, I will place an order now and make note that its about a PET!
Order received. I will include a couple of cassette port connectors so you will have easier access to getting 5v.
Thank you so much!

If you dont mind me asking, since im pretty new to all of this. How and where does the Telnet capability become a thing? it this something i simply enable with the AT*T[1] command, or is part coming from the PETTERM terminal software?

Im probably going to try and set up a raspberry pi in my network, Telnet into it from my PET, and try to use a command line browser and email client to check mails and browse the web.

Or am I forgetting something here?

Telnet is the protocol that some servers use for sending/receiving data. Almost none of the Commodore specific BBS's use Telnet. They use the RAW protocol (no escape codes). You are going to find that probably everything you use doesn't need Telnet mode enabled.

You can probably enable/disable Telnet escaping with your Rpi setup.
Oh ok, thanks i wasnt aware of that. I looked at the "BBS list" thread here and it linked to a "Telnet BBS guide", so i was under the impression that this was the go method to connect to BBS with you WiModem. I also thought that if I can do Telnet, i will probably be able to play MUDs and other Door Games, which is also something very interesting.

Im going to have a look at enabling or disabling escaping on the Rpi. I always wondered how the PET would treat colour and other graphic symbols
A lot of PC based BBS's are using Telnet protocol. Commodore BBS's typical do not because there is no advantage to doing this. In fact, it slows things down having to encode/decode specifically for Telnet portals.
Ok thank you for the info. But now im getting a bit insecure here, just for clarification: In an other thread here about modding the WiModem to fit Commodore PET you linked to the following page "https://www.forum64.de/index.php?thread/80414-commodore-pet-online-bbsing/". The person posting there is connected to " telnet: a80sappleiibbs.ddns.net:6502 ".
This is now a Telnet connection to that BBS using the commodore PET, right?

Im sorry if I am testing your patience here, i should just wait for my parts to arrive and test it first. Im just pretty excited already Smile
No, that particular BBS is not using a Telnet protocol. Nearly everything using a Telnet protocol will have a port address of 23 (not 6502 like shown above). Telnet is the common term used to describe these types of connections because it is the most common (due to the fact that PCs are far more common than anything else on the planet). The WiModem supports both RAW and Telnet protocols, so it doesn't matter which is used.

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