Writing to disk from other software
I just installed my SCP and it seems to be working.  I can run the SuperCard Professional software and the disk utilities seem to work as expected.  The 5.25" disk spins happily and the SCP lights flash.  So now I'd like to read and write to the disk.  I'm running Windows 10.  The disk doesn't show up in File Explorer or any other application I run.  What am I missing?
You won’t see anything in Windows. The SuperCard Pro is a disk imager/copier, not a file system handler. You can’t “mount” a disk as a volume under Windows.

If you want to be able to access files from a disk you will need to make a flux image and then use some type of software that can handle that disk format.
OK, thanks. Can you give an example of software that can handle the flux image disk format?
Sure, HxC floppy drive emulator is the most commonly used program for this, but there is also SamDisk, a8rawconv, Aufit, and others. Also, many different emulators can use .scp files directly.

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