GAL Chips
That's odd. I suppose since that chip is the one that control the Auto-Config that maybe it's bad in such a way that the Amiga can't complete the config process. Once you are done with the config you have to pass the control onto the next Zorro device, so I suppose that is possible. I would be more inclined to believe the issue would be with one of the 74F245 chips and not the GAL.
the fact that it got hot and showed a short made me think it but i will replace the 74 series chips as-well just as a extra precaution (and the fact i have some)
thanks for the quick shipping of the GAL and updating the thread when u got them instock

ps just wondering it looks like a opamp/adc sockets are on the card what were they to do as i don't see any card image with them populated but they seem to be on every board (sorry for bothering you its rare i can speak to a designer and not have to do everything reverse engineer everything)
The 8 pin socket was for an audio digitizer chip that was sold by Radio Shack back in the day. I don't recall off hand what the part number was. It's our documentation for the EMPLANT board though.

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