Fusion3.2 MuForce Hits
I have been a user of EMPLANT, EMPLANT MacPro, and Fusion 68k.   I have Fusion 3.2 and getting the following hits with MuForce right after I click Start in GUI.   I have only recently started to use MuForce.  I was not running MuForce long ago and so don't have any way to compare.  This is coming from a A4000T, PPC/060 with 3.1.4 ROMs.  

If I have a chance will try to check same on a 3.1 ROM system with a A4000/040 system.

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You can not run ANY program that uses the MMU with any of my emulations. You will have to disable MuForce before you run FUSION or it won't work. I take over the MMU.

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