Does SCP Work For You?
It does not for me! the card failed me almost every time I need it! It couldn't archive my copy of OS/2. It couldn't make 720k DOS boot disks nor 800k Macintosh disks. It never makes good copies of 5.25" disks despite the 4 drives I specially bought for it!

The card works with normal 1.44M DOS/Win disks, but these diskettes are still well supported in modern hardware and OS' and don't need special hardware like SCP!
Flux is flux. If it works for normal 1.44" disks then the board itself is fine. Some drives can't handle the Mac 400K/800K data rate. You can send me a disk image and I can tell you what the problem is.
It has worked on every disk I have tried. The only issue I have had was me not setting the software correctly.
What type of diskettes are you using? DD or HD?
720K copies require 720K (DD) disks.  1.44MB copies require 1.44MB (HD) disks.  You can't copy a 720K image format on a HD disk!  That hole in a 1.44MB changes the density and speed of the drive, making the wrong type of flux data unreadable.  This has always been the case with PC's due to how the disk drive works.

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