C64 Disk Copy Protection

New SuperCard Pro user here - really clean and functional product, and love it so far!

Looking through the forum, I see that there is a good bit of information about copy protection and how to circumvent it.

I have a number of original 5.25" disks I would like to archive (all PAL versions).

Wizball and Marble Madness seemed to generate fully working G64 / flux files and disks, but still finding problems with the following:

- Turrican I (Rainbow Arts) - must be RADWAR or signature check - front side seems to copy, but copy of the back side just hangs when inserted
- Turrican II (Rainbow Arts) - must be RADWAR
- Uridium (Hewson) - seems to be GMA87
- Nebulus (Hewson) - also looks to be GMA87
- Parallax (Ocean) - seems to be what is called "cyan loader"

The C64 Preservation project also has information about which specific copy protection types were used on various games, which closes some of the gap with above document.

Specifically, is there any information on how to copy the above protection schemes, or how they relate to what is listed in above post from Jeff?

I'm using the following:
  • Panasonic JU-475-4
  • SuperCard Pro hardware v1.1, firmware v1.2
  • Disk Archiver v2.02
Thanks much!
If the disk was commercially produced then it will almost always copy (or convert to .g64) using INDEX mode. Anything else requires SPLICE mode and may or may not work. Using INDEX with the backside of a disk requires that the original disk had two index holes (one for each side), which was pretty common for double-sided disks. You can always send me a disk image done with SPLICE (2 or more revolutions) to data @ cbmstuff.com

The protection type does not matter. There is really no such thing a "protection" when dealing with flux images.
Thanks for the quick response! File sent.

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