EMPLANT software
This was the last release version of EMPLANT's Mac emulation software (v5.5):

EMPLANT's software - .adf file inside of a .zip archive.
I have a version 5.5 (from looking at the MACII tool it is Oct. 18, 1995).
V4.21 was the very last version made.  I never made any version higher, so what you have is certainly fake.
I'm so surprised to find that out as I've seen so many changes in the change log leading up to "5.5" (see attached).

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You're right!  v4.21 was the last version that was written using ASSEMPRO.  After that I apparently switched to DevPac and v5.5 was the last version before FUSION was released.

I need to go through my DAT tape archives and find v5.5 and replace the current file above.
Any luck in sourcing v5.5?
No, I have not found any of the source code yet for the Mac emulation for EMPLANT.
Any chance for sharing a copy of the binaries?
I have to create the binaries from the source code because I don’t typically keep old binaries. I can always generate them from source code.
bump on binaries.

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