C-64 Image
I read in the disscription of the supercard it mentioned that the card can make images of Commordore 64 disks.  When I was making images of Amiga disks, I was given two choices for images, one was ADF and the other was Flux.   I take it that the choice for the C64 disks, the images would be Flux?
You can make .d64, .g64, or .scp (flux) image files of Commodore 64 disks.
In the Supercard manual there is a statement that says the supercard may not be able to make images of certain disk because they lack "pulses".  I tried to copy all the C-64 disks I had and they all failed when it requierd an impulse detection.  I changed the reuest to "impulse not required" and they all copied without a hitch.  Can I assume from my experience with the diskes i copied, that all C-64 disks do not requier an impluse and the entire disks were copied correctly?
Sounds like you have a problem with your disk drive. The index pulse is always available when reading the back side of the disk. The front side (flipping the disk over) would require that you set the INDEX pulse to IGNORED.
Thanks, I had a feeling something wasn't right when all of them failed to load when in C-64 mode on Amiga Forever

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