Windows 10 still flags updater12.exe/zip as virus
Despite the best efforts of USPS, I got by SuperCard Pro in the mail today. The box looked like a quit obese employee sat on it but as it was well packaged it survived unscathed.

I saw there was a thread about this false virus flag issue from a few years ago and it looks like it is back. Trying to download the flasher program and get:

updater12.exe, gets flagged as Behavior:Win32/Generic.GX!ml, gets flagged as Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock

It is a PITA to override Defender and get it to download the file anyhow. I realize I don't need to reflash a new board now, just posting as an FYI.
Thanks... I periodically have to contact these companies to have them white list the program.  The problem is the anti-virus programs have is that there is an internal resource structure that contains compressed/encrypted firmware and they throw a fit.  Smile

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