RX50 diskettes
I am considering purchasing the Supercard Pro.  Mainly to read Amiga disks.  But I also would like to read RX50 diskettes from a DEC Rainbow. 

I have a few drives I can use an old Teac FD-55FR 720K 5.25 inch drive from back in the day when I used the Amiga to read MSDOS RX50's with CrossDos.  The Teac it has been probably 20 years since I used it last  so it may not even work.

I also have a Canon MD7511-C6, 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch combination drive.  So hopefully between the 5.25 on the Canon or the TEAC I can read the RX50's on the SuperCard Pro.

The RX50 format is:
  • single sided
  • 80 tracks
  • 10 sectors per track
  • 96 tpi (tracks per inch)
  • 300 rpm (revolutions per minute)
  • 250 KHz data rate
Can the SuperCard Pro read that format?

SuperCard Pro doesn't read "formats". It simply dumps the flux data to memory (when doing drive to drive copies) or image files. So, it doesn't matter what format the disk is in.

Once you have an image file, you can use something like HxC Floppy Drive Emulator software to convert the .scp image to some other format that emulators can use, and even extract files from the disk image directly.
I used the wrong word I should have said drive geometry not format.  

So the question is can Supercard Pro read the RX50 drive geometry and produce a .scp file.  Then HxC floppy emulator software convert it to a .img file so it can be used.

Right now I have the option of using the .img files on a Vbox running  msdos or a Mister FPGA running ao486.

There is a rx50drvr.sys driver from 1984.

Sure would be convoluted if it works Smile

I'll probably just have to buy one and tinker.

"Geometry" is all the same for disk drives. With a 1.2MB disk drive, you can read/write 360K, 720K, and 1.2MB disks. The only thing that matters is the TPI (tracks per inch) must match the type of disk you are dealing with. Some Commodore disk drives used 100 TPI drive mechanics, which can't be used with standard 96 TPI PC drives.

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