High Density for IBM 720KB Disks
To my knowledge, 3.5" disks come in two density: double (DD) and high (HD). The FAT12 DD capacity is 720KB and the HD is 1.44MB. In the SCP software settings, there is an option to choose Low or High Density. There is also an option to choose Disk Type: IBM 720KB or IBM 1.44MB.

Should I choose Low density when choosing IBM 720KB type? What if I make an image for a 720KB disk with read Density set to High?

Thank you.
You should choose the same density the disk was written with. I did this because it was very common for people to use 1.44MB disks on the Amiga with the low density drive. The 2nd hole (the density identifier) is ignored on Amiga 880K drives. So, if you attempt to read a high density disk that was written as low density a PC drive will automatically try to read it as high density. Having the option to choose between the two densities allows you to read the disk correctly. Some 1.44MB disk drives have no problem reading either density in the high density mode, but drives that can't will need this option.

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