1571 installation
Installation documentation for the 1571 is included on side 2 of disk 1 of the v6.0 software.

The installation of a SUPER-CARD+ board in a 1571 will require soldering
experience. If you are not capable of de-soldering an IC chip from a
circuit board, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS INSTALLATION! Seek the help of an
experienced electronics or computer repair technician.

Installation service is also available through Utilities Unlimited, Inc.
If you would like us to install the SUPER-CARD+ board into your drive
(reguardless of drive type), just send in your SUPER-CARD+ board, your disk
drive that it is to be installed into, and a $15.00 installation fee. The
whole package will be returned to you within 4 working days (from the time
we receive it). It will be returned to C.O.D. freight. This means that
you pay for the postage to get it back to you the day you receive your

1 - After removing the case and setting the screws aside, remove the plug
that comes from the metal power supply 'cage'. This plug is marked as
CN1 on the circuit board. Now, remove the four screws that hold the
power supply in place and set them and the power supply aside.

2 Remove all of the plugs labeled CN2-CN7. Now, remove the four screws
that hold the drives mechanical section in place and set them and the
mechanical section aside.

3 - If by chance (which is VERY slim), you have a socket underneath the
6502 IC (U1) then you will not have to desolder the 6502 IC. Just
remove it from its socket and proceed with step 7.

4 - Remove the screws that hold the circuit board in place, and take the
board out of the plastic housing. You will notice that the circuit
has a metal shield on the bottom of the circuit board. This shield
must be removed.

5 - Locate the 6502 IC (U1) and CAREFULLY desolder the IC from the circuit
board. You will need this chip, so DONT destroy it! Now, solder a
40 PIN low-profile socket in place of the 6502 at location U1.

6 - Install the 6502 into the socket that you just put in (Note notch
position when installing it). Re-assemble everything except for the
case halves. Turn on power to the drive. The GREEN LED should turn on
and then go out (like the normal power-up procedure). If the LED DOES
NOT go out, then shut off the drive IMMEDIATELY! Re-check your work
and trying it again. If it never seems to work, try installing a new
6502 IC, as you may have damaged it when removing it (from
over-heating the chip). If all goes well then dis-assemble the drive
until you have just the circuit board and the plastic housing.

7 - Now that you know where the 6502 is, remove it and place it ON TOP
of the SUPER-CARD+ board. The notch (indent in one end of the IC)
should be closest to the edge of the board (facing opposite of the
three little chips).

8 - Plug the ribbon cable into the socket where the 6502 was located. Make
sure that the cable connector is plugged into the socket with the
connector facing the SAME way as the 6502 was prior to its removal.
See figure 4A.

9 - Now, solder a 12" piece of wire from the SUPER-CARD+ board at the
location marked '71'.

10 - Remove IC-U20. It will be a 6526 or 8521. Locate PIN 23 and SLOWLY
slowly bend this pin out to the side enough so that when you re-
install the IC, the leg does NOT go into the socket.

11 - Solder the other end of the wire from the SUPER-CARD+ board to PIN 23
of IC U20.

12 - Before re-assembling your drive, you may want to add the speed control
adjustment at this time. (Print out the SEQ file on installation)

13 - Re-assemble the drive. Remember to route the cable away from the
motor mechancism (it could drag on the motor). The SUPER-CARD+ board
will fit neatly inside on the left hand side of the drive mechanism.

14 - Re-assemble the entire drive and run the TEST program on the disk.

Since the 1571 disk drive does not have a speed adjustment control, it is
necessary to add one.

Dis-assemble the drive and remove the mechanical section of the drive. The
mechanical section consists of the drive motor, stepper motor, and
photo-optic sensors.

Remove the four screws on the bottom side and set them aside. Using the
diagram in Figure 5 as a guide, solder a 12" wire at locations A & B.
Re-assemble the bottom of the mechanical section making sure that the wires
just soldered are not being pinched.

Solder one wire to the MIDDLE post of the speed controller, and the other
wire to either of the two outside posts.

See these pictures:

[Image: speed1.jpg]
[Image: speed2.jpg]
[Image: speed3.jpg]
[Image: speed4.jpg]
It sounds like the speed adjustment control is important when using the Supercard Plus for some copy protected disks to be back up. Obviously, the 1571 drive needs a speed adjustment control. Does this mean a a VIC1541 drive also needs a speed adjustment control for copying protected disks. Also, you seem very knowledgeable regarding the 1541 drive. Would it be possible for me to send you 1571 drive and have it modified with the Supercard Plus device and have you also install the speed adjustment control device? I bought one of these speed adjustment devices years ago and had no idea what they did. Finally, I want to also install an internal parallel cable to the 1571 drive. Would it be possible to install this as well in the drive? It appears you have the Supercard Plus device. At the same time, I can supply the Speed adjustment control and the internal parallel cable. Finally, if this is not the best place to have this kind of discussion, then please let me know. I could just email you directly if you prefer. Thanks for your time.
No, actually the product *requires* that you set drive speed to 297.5-298.1 RPMs. This is NOT optional.

I responded to your email asking the same question.
Is the 1571 still usable when connected to a C64 or zoom floppy after the modification?

Where are the figures referenced in the text above?  It says the above was taken from side 2 of the software disk but apparently that's not something that can be downloaded from this website?
Yes, there is no problem using the drive for normal load/saving of files.

Yes, you can download the .d64 images from here:


But, the information contained on the side 2 is posted above.
I'm having a problem routing the cable from my SC+ after connecting it into the 6502 socket. Could someone post a picture of their installation so I could get an idea of how to bend the cable without damaging it or the socket on the end? In its default routing, the cable blocks one of the PSU screw holes (red circle).

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You should move the cable to right so that it is over top of the socket it is in, then make a 90 degree fold in the cable so that the cable exits towards the front of the drive. The board can either be placed between the power supply and the drive mechanics or make another 90 degree fold and place it along the left side of the drive.
Similar to this (just rough ATM) ?

Also Jim, could you confirm the 3 resistor values needed for the speed control (2 x 4.7k and 1M)? Are they the only parts needed? I'm going to try and get them tomorrow.

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