SuperTracker II - What is it? How can I buy one?
The SuperTracker II is the 2nd generation digital track display for Commodore (and most clones) disk drives.  The first SuperTracker was created by Jim Drew and Wes Wiese back in the mid-late 80's.  That version had a LED display for the track (including half track) and LEDs for density, along with a write protect bypass switch, drive reset switch, and drive 8/9 selector switch.  The SuperTracker II was created by Jim Drew and uses a OLED screen instead of LEDs, showing the motor state, write protect state, track (including half-track), density, and number of syncs on a track.  There is also an optional AUX output that can be used as a drive 8/9 switch or switch between normal CBM DOS and JiffyDOS (if you have the multi-ROM JiffyDOS drive ROM).  The SuperTracker II offers the ability to record and play back up to 1500 changes on the track, density, and number of syncs.  Unlike the original SuperTracker, the SuperTracker II is a simple plug-in board that sits between a VIA chip and the disk drive's motherboard.  No extra wires are required.  The optional AUX output can be connected to the drive 8/9 jumper pad or JiffyDOS enable pin.

Note that the 1541-II and 1571 disk drives require that you de-solder the original 6522 VIA chip and solder the SuperTracker II board in it's place!  You need to order the SuperTracker II w/6522 VIA chip if you are going to install the SuperTracker II into a 1541-II or 1571 disk drive.  Also note that the 1541-II has no space inside to mount the OLED screen.  You will need to mount the display externally!  The 1571 does have room, but it is a tight fit!

You can purchase the SuperTracker II from the CBMSTUFF.COM online store:

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