WiModem232 V1 and V2 differences
The original WiModem232 (V1) can have RTS/CTS or DTR/DSR active at the same time.  You can not have all four lines operational at the same time.  DCD and RI are also supported.

The new WiModem232 (V2) can have RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR active at the same time.  DCD is supported.  RI is not supported, but it can be if you choose to disable DSR.

When using the WiModem232 V1 with Apple II systems, you must cut the traces and add jumpers as shown in the manual to enable DTR/DSR (which eliminates RTS/CTS).  This is not optional.  Apple systems will use DTR/DSR in place of RTS/CTS for hardware handshaking (Apple IIc and Laser 128).  Other Apple computers, especially when using the Super Serial Card will use DTR for hanging up the modem and DSR as the state of the connection.  DCD is typically ignored.  I have not found any case where RI is actually ever used, no matter what computer system I looked at.

With the WiModem232 V2, you don't need to cut traces or jumper anything, no matter what computer system you are using.  The firmware is the the same for both units.  V2 basically saves Apple II users from having to make cuts and add jumpers, and gives you the ability to have RTS/CTS for hardware flow control at high (38400+) baud rates.

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