Dump/Copy method for Cops Copylock II disks
I've dumped any software disk with Cops Copylock II.
It has weak bits track too.

I know most of Cops Copylock II disks are used on 5.25" 2D (360KB) or 3.5" 2DD (720KB) disks.
But this copy protection was adapted on 5.25" HD (1.2MB) or 3.5" 2HD (1.44MB) too.

My dumped software disk is 5.25" HD (1.2MB) disk.

But to copy or dump diskss with Cops Copylock II, you should set the option as follows.

1) Weak Bit --> Raw, (Not Fixed)
--> This is very important. It can't be copied correctly with Fixed option.
So it should be set as Raw.

2) Copy Method --> Splice
--> I didn't test it as Index, but I recommend to use this mode as Splice.

I've tested more 2 times with 2 method.

1) Read Disk --> Write Disk directly.
2) Read Disk --> Make Image --> Read Image --> Write Disk.
Thanks for the tip!

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