SSC, IIe, 9600 Test?
Calling SSC, IIe, and WiModem232 users, can someone run a test for me?

The problem: When I "dial" The Sanctum BBS ( at 9600bps via ProTERM 3.1's dialer, ProTERM doesn't drop to the terminal upon successful connection. It works fine at 2400bps.

Since I don't have another //e and another SSC, I'm hoping someone can tell me how their system behaves. But there are a lot of test parameters and it's maybe too much to ask.

Here are the test parameters:

1. WiModem232 is set for 9600 bps, of course.
2. Modem is Generic 9600 Baud Modem Driver. Init string should be ATX1&C1.
3. Serial set is SSC in Slot 2.
4. I've attached a picture of my SSC switches, but they're set as described in the ProTERM manual.
5. Straight-through DB25 cable. SSC Block points at Modem.
6. Set up an entry for Sanctum in ProTERM's dialer with ProTERM Special Emulation and 9600bps.

To run the test:

1. Boot into ProTERM.
2. After ProTERM brings up the menu, tap "D" for the Dialer and choose your entry for Sanctum.
3. Dial Sanctum. If, upon successful connection you drop to the terminal let me know. If it doesn't drop into the terminal, confirm that the WiModem232 screen states a successful connection to Sanctum, then let me know.
4. Please take a picture of your SSC switches.

WARNING: On my system, ProTERM sends a long init string upon startup. (ATE0V1Q0S0=0S7=99S8=2&C0&D0) This string is evidently hard-coded in there (verified by Hugh Hood). I've seen this string live as it happens, but it doesn't appear in ProTERM's terminal window. If you boot into ProTERM, change to 9600 and issue AT&W to save the configuration to the WiModem232, you're going to save all those other alterations.

I can answer questions, of course.

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Let's look at what the string does:


E0 = turns off the echo (means nothing you type in command mode is going to show)
V1 = turns on verbose mode (this is already set to 1 by default with the WiModem232)
Q0 = this turns on result codes (this is already set to 0 by default with the WiModem232)
S0 = turns off auto-answer (this is already set to 1 by default with the WiModem232)
S7 = wait for carrier after dialing (not used because we don't have a phone line)
S8 = duration for delay for comma (not used because delays are not necessary)
&C0 = set DCD to always on (the default is 1 for the WiModem232, which follows the actual connection state)
&D0 = Use normal DTR (this is already set to 0 by default with the WiModem232)

I recommend using an init string of ATX1&C1&K1 with ProTERM's modem drivers, and using the Generic 2400 baud or Generic Fixed-Speed (RTS/CTS) for 9600 baud.

You could try an init string of just ATX1&K1 (without the &C1).  It could be that the SSC needs to always think it is connected.
When I sent "AT&K1" by itself or as part of a larger command like "ATX1&K1," I receive "ERROR." This is on the latest firmware as of this morning.
It works. Try it again. I tried it on several WiModems and several computers after your report of it not working. Make sure you are at the start of a new line.

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