Can't get any output from the WiModem232 in my terminal
hi guys,

Last saturday i received my Wimodem232 without oled. Had to order a DB9 to DB25 cable cause my computer only had a female db25 port.

The cable came by mail today. So i could finally hook up my wimodem232. 

Set the terminal at 300baud, 2 stop bits, 8 data bits. 

But no connection and no output from the wimodem232 in my terminal. Tried 3 pc's with different OS'es but still no luck.

Should i order a other cable? Or try other settings ?
The terminal MUST be set to 8N1 (8 data bits, 1 start bit, and 1 stop bit).

Remember that you MUST be using a MODEM cable, and not a NULL-MODEM cable!

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