Non-verbose code discrepancy
OK, I tested this and it works fine. You just need to enable the extended modes (ATX1) along with turning off the verbose mode (ATV0).
Sorry, it is not woking how you describe.

In fact, thinking that you may have made a firmware update I update it today, but the latest AT*UPDATE downgraded the firmware on my WiModem232 from 2.40 01/28/18 to v2.31 01/16/18

See my actual resultant WiModem232 behaviour here:

Baud rate is 9600 as can be seen from the status bar.
You'll see the ATV0X1 command followed by a remote connection: 1(ring) 1(ring) 2(connect)

Yesterday with the 2.4 I was getting verbose CONNECT 9600 messages but today I'm not, nor am I getting a code 12 for CONNECT 9600 with the ATV0X1 command.
The code has worked this way since v2.40. If you are using X1 and V0 together, then the response to connections will be a number. In the case of a 9600 baud connection, it is 12.

There is a brand new firmware update that was just released. I pulled v2.40 because it broke the C64's hardware handshaking. The new version is a complete re-write of the data stream to make it asynchronous. Now outgoing data transfers are full speed.
Ok, thank you. I'll try re-updating it and see how it works.
Appreciate the response.
The asynchronous update is pretty good! I think I had asked for something like that in an earlier thread.

Now, I hate to be a pest but the latest firmware did not solve the explicit connect speed response issue.
I still don't get CONNECT 9600 in verbose mode or code 12 in non verbose mode.

Take a look at the command stream here:
here is the command stream and a remote connect in verbose mode (ATV1) and extended response on:
and here is the exact same command stream and a remove connect in non verbose mode (ATV0) and extended response on (ATX1)

I get correct verbose and non-verbose connect codes when dealing out, but not in auto-answer mode as shown in the linked images above.
Hmm... I will look at the incoming connection. It probably doesn't call the routine to create the message like the ATDx commands do.
New firmware update to fix this problem!
Thanks! It works great in this regard now.

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