SSIDs with underscores
Just a heads up for other people that have a "_" (underscore) in their SSID name...

They're not supported in older versions of the firmware. So when you first get your device and you can't connect up and you happen to have an underscore in your SSID - change your SSID to something simple. Then connect up as normal, then update firmware, then change your SSID back to what it was, and then re-setup with your fancy SSID with the underscore. For me, I like to have _optout at the end of my SSID because I don't like Wifi Sense (Win10).

This was true for me on the WiModem232 and the WiModem (C64).

Both great products!
Underscore characters have always worked, it is space characters that do not. You can always use the AT*NSx command to select any SSID (even those with space characters).

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