WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II
Hey guys,

First of all, this is an awesome modem and everything works fine for me in Terminal Mode.  I'm having some issues using the Hayes drivers for ProTERM however.  With Paul Rickard's WiFi232 Modem, I could select the Hayes SmartModem 2400 driver and use AT as my Initialization string, allowing me to use the Dial command from ProTERM's menu and use macros to sign on.

With the WiModem232, the AT initialization string (and any other initialization string for that matter) fails every time at launch.  If I then go online and try the Dial command from the ProTERM menu, it connects and the BBS starts to load a few lines but then changes from 2400 baud to 300 baud and hangs.  I have to go under Online Parameters and change the baud rate back to 2400, then everything is fine.

Please see attached pictures.  Jim thinks it may be related to the DCD line.  Does anyone have a fix?


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Where can I get ProTERM?  I have a Laser128 I could test this with as soon as my new power supply arrives.  I got the FloppyEmu device so I can just put the disk image of ProTERM on it for testing.  There is quite a bit of difference (hardware as well as firmware) between the WiModem232 and Paul's modem.  DCD, DTR/DSR, and RI are lines that are supported with the WiModem232 that are not with Paul's modem.  The WiModem232 follows the Hayes specifications to the letter.

Did you try doing a AT&W to save settings after changing the baud rate to 2400 and then try this?
I found ProTERM3.1 and the manual for it. Looking at the manual, it seems that there is a command SYnc that will try to negotiate the baud rate and change it. It's part of the logon macro system. Are you using this command?

Also, the manual states for the "Hayes Smartmodem 2400" driver - "The CONNECT message allows the call to fallback to a lower baud rate". I wonder if because it doesn't see "CONNECT 2400" that it automatically switches the speed back to 300 baud ("CONNECT" is the default message for 300 baud). Hayes specification says that only the word CONNECT should be shown on a connection, unless the X parameter is set to (ATX1). That turns on extended response codes which will include the baud rate on the connection message. I support the switch of X0/X1, but I don't actually have the extended codes implemented yet. I will work on that.

Try the "Generic 2400 baud Driver" option to see if that works.
Ok, the Generic 2400 baud driver gets me by the Initialization if I just use AT as the string, but still slows to 300 baud upon connecting.

The CONNECT message must be the issue as I tried out my old WiFi232 Modem and it displays CONNECT 2400 when connecting with a BBS.

I'm not using macro's to logon currently, and I can't find anywhere to turn off command sync.

Thanks for looking into this! I will patiently await a firmware update...
I wonder if it is expecting an exact string - like CR/LF/CONNECT(space char)2400/CR/LF or maybe no space char or maybe no leading or trailing CR/LF chars.
The manual for ProTERM doesn't say anything about the Generic Driver changing the baud rate - that is something only the "Smart" driver is suppose to do.

I guess I will have to wait until I get the power supply for my Laser 128 so I can figure this one out.
I use ProTERM on my Apple I have it setup as the Hayes 9600. I do not use any init string. I just go to the DIAL menu and choose QUICK DIAL, I dont give it any information other than the 9600 Baud.

once I hit ok from there I can just type AT and I get the OK and then I use the stored address book ATDS=1 (etc)

this works fine for me.
What version of ProTERM are you using?  I'm using version 3.1 and when I try selecting any Hayes SmartModem drivers I can't get it to initialize the modem at the startup, even if I leave the initialization string blank.  Generic 2400 modem driver works though.  And with Jim's beta firmware update which allows for the ATX1 command to show CONNECT speeds all is good!

I like to use the full Dial function in ProTERM as it saves the emulation for each BBS and you can use macros to sign on.

BTW, I'm impressed you have ProTERM running on an Apple I! Wink
Yes I am also using ProTerm 3.1 its on an Apple IIc Plus with a AE RamExpress II so I have 1 meg of scroll back buffer and the clock function. Works great.
With the most recent firmware upgrade (v2.10), the Hayes SmartModem 2400 driver works perfect, even with the default initialization string. Thank you!

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