Christmas was a few days late for me - but it kicked arse when it arrived
I got my WiModem232 in the mail Saturday right at the start of a three day weekend. Life is good!

I hooked it up and fired up a terminal program and got connected to my router via the AT*SSID method. No problemo here - This is gonna be a good day indeed. I do like on the tiny display it says what the router is that got connected to.

Next up I looked at the tiny screen and saw it saying there's an update available, so I did the AT*UPDATE and the update came down and did it's thing.

Next up - time to go for the gold. My first attempt to connect was greeted with garbage text in the window. Time to do two things - RTFM and dredge up what to do for various serial communications. As the WiModem comes with a default of 300 baud (oh, man - this is the speed I started with when I first started doing dialup. It's the circle of life) and my comm window was set to 2400 a long lost brain cell woke up - You gotta match speeds to talk clearly. After RTFM'ing and finding the command to change the baud to match the window all was right with the world.

All in all, for me, it's been pretty smooth sailing. For reference I've got it hooked up to a somewhat pimped out Commodore A1200.

Finally... dunno if it'd be of any use, but here's a few telecomm programs for the Amiga. Not actual recommendations as everybody has their preference but it'd be a good spot for Amiga users to start out from...

ncomm    -
Term     -
Terminus -
Glad it's working for you. The default of 300 baud was necessary because of the really old computers that couldn't handle more than 300 baud.

Thanks for the links to the terminal programs for the Amiga.

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