Audio Sculpture
There has been a discussion over at the regarding this disk.  When I tried to write the SCP dump back to disk it fails the copy protections built into the software.

Here is a link to the discussion:

They have identified and resolved the Atari emulation issues and the SCP dump now works with the Steem SSE Atari emulator beta version.

Is this something worth looking at why the SCP of this disk A cannot be successfully duplicated?
Did you try SPLICE mode?  It's probably like Dragon's Lair, where the disk was deliberately written off from the index pulse, so a sector was split over the index pulse.

I will go look at the image.  I have never seen anything other than 21 Second Backup for the C64 and laser burned protections (that are physically impossible to write back to disk) that I couldn't duplicate.  It may be that the SPLICE routine is detecting the wrong write splice.
I tried all the various settings available. I tried Splice and Index but the disk would not work.

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