Noise over Audio during use

Just received the wimodem today in the mail. Got it working but I am also experiencing this "noise" during use on the monitor audio ( Starts when I connect to anywhere and remains when hanging up and until I quit the terminal program. )
Like others here, my system is working fine otherwise - no shielding/GND issues, crt location problem, bad cables, bad chips / non-original ICs etc. If anybody discovers a cure please post!

Hey so my thoughts on this are pushing the problem back onto each individual customer is kind of b.s.
I just got my wimodem, I get this noise clearly when plugged in and in use. I've had my c64 set up in different arrangements in my house doesnt seem like a wire placement issue or whatever nonsense that is.

I've plugged this into my friends c64 as well at his house and he gets the same problem.

It's a little premature for me to be irrate at the supplier but come on, take this a little more seriously because it certainly is happening and it's not user error. If I wanted to have a shoulder shrug attitude towards stuff like this I could have built my own modem for $10 with just an ESP. For the price I paid for this maybe consider that there's something to look into here.

Even saying, "this is normal, and this is why, so don't worry" would be a better answer than "works on my machine, try moving some cables around"

Anyway no disrespect meant.
Works perfectly without any "noise" on hundreds of machines. I believe this has to do with the monitor cable and/or the C64's monitor port. Some cables (and ports) are not properly grounded. I don't see (or hear) the problem on any machine I have, so it's next to impossible to "fix" something that I can not reproduce.
This modem gave me a lot of problems, although at the time they were all problems after problems, however everything was very fun.
The WiModem is an exact emulation of a real modem, so the issues would also occur with a real modem!
So I read this thread when it was first posted and I personally never had the "tic tic tic" issue others complained of, and I've used my WiModem on a breadbin, a 128Dcr, and a 64C, various configurations included with and without an Lt. K connected, with/without a CMD HD,, 1541-ii or a 1541U2+ connected. I never heard the noise.

Well, today (just now) the ticking noise appeared. I remembered this thread and came to see the solution. doesn't seem there's much of one. lol

I've been using the same monitor and cables and Ray Carlsen PSU with this WiModem for awhile now running my BBS, with no noise. I also now hear the noise on my breadbin when used with my 1541u2+. BUT it only happens when you go into the 1541u2 menu and the back out, it doesn't matter if you mount a disk or just go in and out of menu, but it doesn't happen on initial power up. The ticking noise happens through the monitor (1702) along with the type of 'feedback' you'd get if you turned the volume all the way up with nothing playing, that sort of 'high pitched whine', accept it's loud at a normal listening level. I then wanted to test it (WiModem) on my 128Dcr again and sure enough, there's is now a constant ticking noise right on power up. It's there in both 128 mode and 64 mode, but louder in 64 mode.

I also want to add, even with noise, I noticed no problem in connecting/disconnecting to my BBS or actual computer operation, but there have ALWAYS been problems with Uploads and Downloads with the WiModem and not other WiFi Modems under same protocols and hardware. Nor with Swiftlink connections (another animal all together I know), so maybe there is something to this noise issue ?

And again, just to clarify, mine just started today. or at least I noticed it today (but you can't miss it, it's so obvious) when I power cycled my 64C to dust and then turned back on, which I do weekly or bi-monthly, so then I decided to test in my other set-ups and low and behold, it's there in every set-up, so not sure what that's all about.

"BUT it only happens when you go into the 1541u2 menu and the back out" Yes, I have seen this as well. The 1541U2+ apparently is enabling the SID's audio input capability and it seems that the 2.4GHz signal (noise) can bleed into the input when not using a shielded monitor/audio cable or have the cable too close to the WiFi device.

I have only seen file transfer issues (with any of the WiFi type devices) when ping times are long. You have to remember that transfer protocols are expecting 25ms or less round-trip times, and that can't generally be achieved by anything through a router. There are some protocols that do work better than others, like Y-Modem-G, Y-Modem-1K, and X-Modem-CRC. If you can adjust the transfer ack times, you can make any of the protocols work with wireless options.
I know it is an old thread but I thought I would add my experience here also since the Ultimate II+ was mentioned.

I have my WiModem connected to the same C64 that I have my new Ultimate II+L cart plugged into.

I did not notice it immediately, and at first, I wasn't even sure where it was coming from. I said to myself "Oh, that sounds a lot like the old WiModem noise I have heard on other C64s I've used it with. But wait, it isn't not coming through the external speakers connected to the A/V port! It is coming from the UII+L's built-in speaker!"

I confirmed it was the UII+L speaker when I went into the settings and set the speaker audio to OFF. Of course, I do not get the drive sounds this way. I also disabled both of the UltiSIDs since I am not using the UII+L's audio connector. It was the speaker setting alone that made the difference.

Just wanted to mention this one as it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the audio ground issue that was noted in the past. It is interference from the WiModem and the UII+/L built-in speaker.

To be honest, I do not need to have these two devices paired up for the long term. I will usually take advantage of the UII+'s SwiftLink emulation instead.
I have several C64 setups and all of them have the U2+ always plugged in. One of them makes noise through the built in speaker (when enabled), but the others do not. The one that does make the noise is a C64C short board. What model C64 are you using?
I am using a 250407 SixtyClone board in this case. This board also has a kawari VIC-II replacement installed.

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