Noise over Audio during use

Just received the wimodem today in the mail. Got it working but I am also experiencing this "noise" during use on the monitor audio ( Starts when I connect to anywhere and remains when hanging up and until I quit the terminal program. )
Like others here, my system is working fine otherwise - no shielding/GND issues, crt location problem, bad cables, bad chips / non-original ICs etc. If anybody discovers a cure please post!

Hey so my thoughts on this are pushing the problem back onto each individual customer is kind of b.s.
I just got my wimodem, I get this noise clearly when plugged in and in use. I've had my c64 set up in different arrangements in my house doesnt seem like a wire placement issue or whatever nonsense that is.

I've plugged this into my friends c64 as well at his house and he gets the same problem.

It's a little premature for me to be irrate at the supplier but come on, take this a little more seriously because it certainly is happening and it's not user error. If I wanted to have a shoulder shrug attitude towards stuff like this I could have built my own modem for $10 with just an ESP. For the price I paid for this maybe consider that there's something to look into here.

Even saying, "this is normal, and this is why, so don't worry" would be a better answer than "works on my machine, try moving some cables around"

Anyway no disrespect meant.
Works perfectly without any "noise" on hundreds of machines. I believe this has to do with the monitor cable and/or the C64's monitor port. Some cables (and ports) are not properly grounded. I don't see (or hear) the problem on any machine I have, so it's next to impossible to "fix" something that I can not reproduce.
This modem gave me a lot of problems, although at the time they were all problems after problems, however everything was very fun.
The WiModem is an exact emulation of a real modem, so the issues would also occur with a real modem!

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