Noise over Audio during use
Ah.. My normal C64s are all ICS64S motherboards with Kawari replacements. Are you testing the exact same WiModem in each of your setups?
Correct. I only have the one WiModem (C64 User Port).
The SixtyClone is just a copy of the original board, which has a layout that is not great for noise immunity.

I like your take with the ICS64S but it is a bit more than I need at the moment. Another SixtyClone 250407 board I have has some unresolved problem that is likely the result of some unidentified short. It does bizarre things in Deadtest. Not having an oscilloscope or the knowledge to operate one has put that project on the back burner. My second and third SixtyClone boards builds were successful.

The UII+L speaker interference was a curiosity but not enough of an issue to find a solution for. I have tested NULLMODEM to my satisfaction and will keep the WiModem free for the other C64s I have in circulation.

I would also be curious to know if it interferes with the Ultimate 64's speaker as well. Seems very likely. I have yet to obtain a User Port adapter for my U64 but it is on the wishlist.
The ICS64S is just a better layout C64 board. It does have other features such as ROM switching, better video, support for information through a OLED screen, CIA protection from static, and other nice features for easily switching between NTSC and PAL setups, different SID chip types, etc.

I have had no reports of noise from the U64 with the user port adapter and the WiModem.

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