All green on copy/creation, but adf/scp images do not work
I recently received my Supercard Pro, and am trying to use it in conjunction with an old (but not too old?) Windows 3.5" drive to archive Amiga floppies for use with WinUAE.

I have the Supercard hooked up to a Windows 10 box... software installed ok, and everything looks normal. I run the copier, I get all green, and... the images fail. When I try to use either adf or scp images with WinUAE, I either get "no disk" or "not a DOS disk" errors.

Clearly, I am doing something wrong... I just don't know what.

One concern I have is that the drive is being (mis?)identified by the SCP software as a 5.25" drive, which it isn't. This would seem to be a red flag, but as hinted, I am very new to the process, so I don't know if that's normal, or a known bug.

Any and all help is appreciated!
SCP doesn't try to identify a drive (it's not possible).  If you are creating an .adf and the box shows all green, then it means that the image was created successfully with no errors - it would *have* to work.

Send me a .scp image of disk that shows all green dumped with SPLICE mode with 2 revs.  I will look at the image and convert it to .adf and let you know if something is wrong with the drive or disk.  Send the image to
Thank you very much for your offer of help and quick reply! I have sent the files you requested (zipped).

If I am making obvious mistakes, please excuse my lack of knowledge; I am very new to the SCP.

I have responded to your email.
(04-04-2017, 11:22 AM)admin Wrote: I have responded to your email.

Thank you so much for all of your help, I really appreciate it!

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