Trouble connecting to router
No, it's not open source or available.  The limitation is with the ESP8266 library.  I think only WPA2 TKIP is supported.
I have a question. I seem to have intermittent connectivity to my router. At the moment I can't get it to connect, although it did before.

My setup is a router I use as a wireless access point on the same desk as the Vic 20 so a good signal. This is connected by Ethernet to my main ADSL router. Both share the same SSID and password. When I perform a network scan both routers show up although the ADSL router has a weak signal -87dbm. The ADSL router is the one running the DHCP server and acting as gateway. I wonder which router should I connect to?
You should connect to the strongest signal possible. Just make sure you are in ASCII mode (not CBM graphics mode) in your terminal program when setting up the router's name/password. If you type ATI and see the text has the upper/lower case reversed from normal, then you are in the wrong mode! This is the #1 reason why people can't get their router to connect. You absolutely must be in ASCII mode when setting up the router.

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