Latest beta - changes
Beta .60 fixes a bug introduced with Beta .59 with window front to back priority for the conversion screen.
Beta .70 adds better support for FM/MFM disks with the analyzer. You can now toggle between Flux and FM/MFM modes and retain the proper cursor offset between the raw and converted data.

Fixed issue with drive to drive non-blind copies.

Removed Flip-It mod. Added pull-down menu for No-Flip mod for +4 (Teac) and -4 (Panasonic) track step types. No-Flip mod is still not currently supported yet!
Beta .80 corrects a problem with the disk type (IFF_DiskType) in the image not being stored! Any disk imaged with any previous versions will be tagged as a Commodore 64 disks. Not that it matters too much as this was for information purposes only when looking at image files. But, it's fixed now.

Fixed a bug in the analyzer where image files were not being displayed correctly due to the track number counting! When looking at any 3.5" disk images, the track slider would jumper from track 1, head 0 to track 2, head 1.
Beta .90 adds W or B (word or byte) to the fill mode now depending on if you are in flux mode or MFM/GCR modes. Added new internal disk types to match the possible disk types shown in the flux image file specification. The Disk Type buttons will go away in the future, being replaced with a drop-down box with all of the support disk types.

Found a problem that requires a firmware upgrade! That problem is reading from the back side of a disk with the INDEX SENSOR/READ/IGNORE setting.


Fixed problem with image files not having a "loading" message under the analyzer.

Fixed problem reported by LordCrass with 1.44MB image files not copying to disk or working correctly in the analzyer. It turns out that problem is with any image file exceeding 16MB in size.

Fixed window to front issue (again). This happens when I forget to swap panels during editing the display options.

Fixed flux to MFM decoder for 1.44MB disks.
Beta .91 fixes a problem with selecting 48/96 TPI 5.25" drives.

Fixed problem with GCR place holder. MFM place holder still has an issue to resolve.
Beta .92 adds the FLUX START/END graying out while in MFM mode.
Beta .93 changes the number of revolutions for non-blind copies to 2. This is a band-aide fix until I can determine why there is an issue with files >32MB in size.
Beta .94 fixes the Atari 400/800 track selection. There were a ton of other changes that I did not document, including new routines for Amiga and Atari ST copying in non-blind mode.
Beta .95
  • Fixed problem with 3+ revolutions being able to be stored.
  • Added ability to select maximum number of revolutions for non-blind copies.
  • Fixed problem with checksum calculation when it wrapped beyond 4GB.
  • Fixed number of tracks allowed in an image. 166 total tracks are allowed (0-82, bottom/top).
  • Fixed issue with jumping back and forth between flux and MFM modes, now retaining the correct position for decoded data vs. flux data.
  • Changed analyzer and copier to use the new .scp file definition. All current files are still compatible.
  • Fixed problem with being able to select the last pixel line of the display and advancing to the next entry.
  • Added support for showing strong bits (no flux area). Strongbits are encoded as 0000 with the full length being all entries of 0000 + the length of the next valid entry. Strongbits are highlighted in red.
  • Changed flux display to now show corrected data - so data from a 360 RPM will now show a 4us bit as 4us, instead of 3.33us.
  • Fixed a variety of small issues in the flux display.
Beta .96 - well, the revision system goofed and added an extra version. So, the latest version was released as v0.96. The changes are what is stated above!

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