Settle delay and other timings, three-mode drives
Thanks for that.

So if writing my own software which uses commands 0x89, 0x8A or 0x8B (step to track/step inwards/step outwards), the hardware delays 5ms after the last step by default, so before issuing a read or write command, I'd need to delay another 13ms say (for >=18ms settle delay). Or just do as the SCP software does and set the individual step delay to 20ms which is long enough anyway.

For three-mode 3.5" drives, they always (at least from the datasheets I read) spin at 300rpm for DD disks. For HD disks only, the drive spins at either 300rpm or 360rpm depending on the state of pin 2. So what I'd like to know is, can the SCP hardware control the state of pin 2?

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