CommdoreServer V-1541 instructions
(11-12-2016, 05:21 PM)admin Wrote: I think you are confused about what V1541 is!  You can't use a terminal program with V1541!  The V1541-38400 program is only for using the various Commodore Server programs (like Comet Chat).

For terminal programs, you would have to use 300-9600 baud, with the appropriate terminal driver.

no I then realized I explain you to access your server only commodore v-1541 with your little program to connect to the server and the commodore's it use everything I can do with cs ..... but I will if I want to change the speed (baud) of wi modem should I use a program called terminal where I can enter different commands at ....... but after I entered the command to change the baud (at*b 1200 or 4800 or 38400) I can no longer write properly ok ...
Once you change the baud rate with the AT*B command you need to change the baud rate in the terminal program. If you are using 38400 baud you have to load (and activate via SYS49152) the V1541-38400 driver, and that works only with the various Commodore Server programs, NOT any terminal program!

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