Disabling UP9600 hack for use with C128
(03-15-2017, 12:13 PM)admin Wrote: The UP9600 hack works with a C64 (or C128 in C64 mode), it does not work with a C128 in C128 mode.  So, yes, would be limited to 2400 baud in C64 mode if you disable the hack.  There are two pads there.  You could solder wires that lead from those two pads to a toggle switch.  The jumper to cut (as shown above) is located slightly under the OLED (if you ordered a WiModem with that option), so you need to be careful when soldering wires so you don't damage the glass display by applying pressure to it by accident.  A fine tipped soldering iron at an angle can reach the pads.

Oh BTW, in case anyone is reading this thread.  You CAN use WiModem in C128 mode at 9600 Baud if loading from a 1541 drive.  I've been using Desterm 2.0 at 9600 baud, works great.

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