Some stuff I found that I dloaded from Qlink
I found a floppy that had several SEQ files on it that were from stuff Jim had posted on Qlink for the SC+ back in 1990.  One of them was how to add a switch to the SC+ to allow you to not only take a snapshot of the memory but allow you to turn the SC+ off if a particular protection was looking for the extra memory.  I attached the files I was able to save off and a picture of my SC+ that I had added that switch to.  It was on my 1541 that died a couple years back that not only had an SC+ but also had the Super Tracker, a parallel cable and JiffyDos.  I am in the midst of transferring them over to a working 1541.  Jim I also included your very last post entitled READ THIS!!.  Might bring back bad memories but thought I would post it for historical purposes.

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.txt   SC+ 2K ram capture wiring instructions 03-27-1990.txt (Size: 2.46 KB / Downloads: 47)
.txt   SC+ 2k extra1 03-27-1990.txt (Size: 609 bytes / Downloads: 30)
.txt   SC+ 2K extra2 04-02-1990.txt (Size: 564 bytes / Downloads: 27)
.txt   SC+ NEW RAPID-LOCK PROTECTION 02-12-1990.txt (Size: 381 bytes / Downloads: 41)
.txt   UU Jim READ THIS!! 07-06-1990.txt (Size: 1.49 KB / Downloads: 42)
.txt   UU\'s Support BBS 03-10-1990.txt (Size: 1.33 KB / Downloads: 21)
.txt   super-card plus settings 08-13-1990.txt (Size: 8.9 KB / Downloads: 45)
Wow... yeah, I remember that contract dispute. It was resolved not long after that! Then I moved to Arizona with the company and have been there ever since.

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