Windows 10

if they are anybody try ton install SCP driver on a fresh Windows 10 install ?
For me, impossible ton install driver for SCP card.
Windows see : USB Serial Port (COM3) and so... don't detect with scp software.

And of, course, the installer don't detect the OS for USB installation and so, not install it.
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I had no issues with Windows 10 (upgrade from Windows 8.1 Pro). Is this a new install of Windows 10?
You have no issue because you are ALREADY installed scp before you migrate to windows 10, it's normal.
If, on windows 10 with NO SCP installed you try to install, you can't finish the second part of installer (USB driver)
Because it's based on OS detection routine that, when it was build, windows 10 does not exist.
So... No USB driver to be install and so, scp don't detect the card 'normal'.

The probleme is : The second part of SCPInstaller, the USB driver installation don't work because it try to use OS detect routine
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The OS detect routine only detects between Windows 2000 and any other version. So, that is not the problem. However, it is likely that the latest FTDI driver needs to be installed for Windows 10. I will look into this.

I have had other people install SCP under Windows 10 without any issues, but I am not sure if those are new machines or upgrades.
Ok, it appears that the driver for Windows 8.1 is the same driver as Windows 10.

You can download the driver directly from the manufacturer:
In the second part =>
Unable to execute file : c:\Program Files (x86)\SCP\USB\OS_Detecte.exe
CreatProcess failed : code 740

Of course, with installation launch in 'normal mode' not in 'Administrator mode'
If, I lauch the SCP installer in 'admin mode', off course, the second part start and install normally

So, maybe the probleme is not here.
The FTDI driver are already correct installed on my windows 10

What, normaly, do I see as scp driver ?
USB serial converter for me, don't work
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You MUST install the software AND the USB drivers while in Administrator mode... that is not an option. Once you install both, THEN you can plug in the SuperCard Pro board. Windows will find the hardware and then continue the driver installation. Once the driver has finished installing, you can then run the SCP.exe program.
I'm not idiot or beginer, I know all of this, Thks
Sorry but, Windows 10 don't recognise your device.

For example, the same installation but with Kryo card work good, in the first time.
For Scp, Driver is installed (if you have lauched setup in admin mode) BUT, windows don't associat this driver with The Hardware of Scp
So, my question is already of actuality : What It's the driver name that I must see in windows hardware peripheric

Exemple, for Kryo it's : Kryoflux DiskSystem : c:\Windows\system32\drivers\winusb.sys ....
And for scp it"s ???....
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Ok, I reply myself :
It's : USB Serial Converter : c:\windows\system32\drivers\ftdibus.sys ...

it's done
For information, Kaspersky already detect a virus activity on scp.exe
I hope in the last version of scp this is correct but not.
Need to be a rules for this exe...
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Kaspersky doesn't like the compression that I use for the executable, so just ignore it.

Can you explain a bit more what was not working under Windows 10? I did an install on a new laptop with Windows 10 (no upgrade) and it worked just like any other version of Windows. I plugged in the SCP board and Windows found it, installed the driver, and the SCP.exe worked just fine. I had no issue.

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