DTD evolution
Hows the new smaller and wiser DTD coming along ?
Is the Oled display working out good ?
Is it adaptable to all C= and compatible drives ?
Hi Wes! I made the modern version that uses 3 small 7-segment LED displays like we did back in the day. That works with any drive, showing density, track, write protect status, etc.

I have since changed the device to attached to the backside of the small .96" OLED modules. The viewing are are of the display fits within the height of 1541 rainbow logo on the drive face, and it's only .95" wide. I made a harness that simply unplugs should you want to remove the drive cover. I am not sure yet if I will actually release this a product or just as a something for people to play with.
Hi Jim,

Good to hear its still evolving, care to let me play with one ?
I promise I'll take good care !

I only got two prototypes of the new version, which is still a work in progress. But, I do have several boards of the other design, but everything is 0603 SMT + fine pitch for the PIC.
Ok. I can work with it, just say the word.

Just for retro sake I'm making some of my final v4.x DTD design using old discrete components I still have plenty of inventory of around. I may have to sub out the big 1/2 inch LEDs (MAN6670s are getting scare new, looking for pulls). Hopefully I can get some more Hammond cases in the same style, they were a perfect fit and stylish too.
I still have 3 of the original Super Tracker's that we use to sell. I showed those at CommVEx recently.
Declare interest in this product , it will be one of the most used things for anyone to ripp disks , good work!
I see you mentioned that you still have 3 of the original ones you use to sell.  Do you have instructions how to hook it up?  I dug out my 1541 that had the original digital tracker and the drive no longer works and most of the wires were unattached.  I would like to hook it up to one of my other working 1541s.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have the original documentation buried somewhere with all of the schematics. I will see if I can find it and scan it.
(09-25-2015, 03:48 PM)admin Wrote: I have the original documentation buried somewhere with all of the schematics.  I will see if I can find it and scan it.

That would be greatly appreciated.  One of those bad decisions I made by throwing out stuff (manuals specifically) of things I thought I would never use again.  

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