(01-14-2015, 01:28 PM)admin Wrote: As I stated, you can duplicate any disk using SCP. 5.25" disks and 3.5" disks use two different physical formats, so you can not simply copy tracks from one format to another.

Have you tried looking at the flux data to see if the disk is even reading correctly? Send me the image file and I can check it.

I am still keen to try duplicating that disk using SPLICE mode to another 5ΒΌ-inch DD disk first to see how that goes.

I did try looking at the flux image data I pulled from the disk while using SPLICE mode, but they didn't mean anything to me. Besides, all the orange boxes in the source grid indicated to me that the disk wasn't being read properly and the file size was different each time, so in the end I deleted them all.

I will pull some more flux data from the disk and send an image file over to you as requested.
(01-12-2015, 04:19 PM)prowler Wrote: In the meantime, could you clarify the meaning of the coloured boxes in the disk copier/imager grids for me, please? It seems to me that red, orange and yellow boxes indicate failed reads with one or more bad sectors, and blue boxes indicate good reads or writes, though the written data can never be valid if the original read was bad.

I'd love to hear the explanation of the implications of the colors, too.

For that matter, I'd like a log file to see even more detail beyond green/yellow/red.

Never mind, found my answer:
Quote:The display shows the current status of the image process. GREEN blocks are tracks where all of the sectors checksum'd and converted perfectly. YELLOW blocks are tracks where at least 1 sector checksum'd and was converted correctly. RED blocks are tracks that contain absolutely no valid sectors. Prior to starting the imaging process the image file is filled with all zero's ($00). Sectors are decoded into the buffer whether they checksum or not. So, it is possible that all or partial sector data will be recovered whether the data block checksums correctly or not.

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