Hi !

I Have the 2 cars (Kryo and scp), why ? because I think this cards is perfect.
I prefere to start to say, This post IS NOT, sorry : 'which has the largest' Wink
I say that because this post was deleted to the kryo forum... maybe here we are more understanding, I hope Smile

SO !
I made DUMPS with 1 floppy reader (Sony MPF920L)
one cable simple (2 connectors)
one Molex External Power (12 and 5V)
And, one Original Amiga Disk Game : BloodMoney
I Made ALL MY test with the SAME Hardware, it's very important

The question is, It is normaln when I use some programs to see 'What the data look like', Program like Aufit or hxcfe, to generate bmp 'diskview'
I don't have the same graphics....

Flux is Flux, don't care is Kryo or Scp
If Data Is present, normaly I must see It.

[Image: aufit_KRYO_BloodMoney_WindowsXP.gif]


[Image: aufit_SCP_BloodMoney_WindowsXP.gif]

Look in the circle, left picture...
Maybe is aufit so, let's try with hxcfe

[Image: hxcfe_KRYO_BloodMoney_WindowsXP.gif]


[Image: hxcfe_SCP_BloodMoney_WindowsXP.gif]

How do you explain that?
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SCP uses a 25ns capture resolution compared to Kryoflux's 41.66667ns resolution. Flux is not flux, unless you are comparing the exact same flux. You get a much more accurate representation of the flux data with SCP because it is capturing at nearly twice the resolution of KyroFlux. One is in focus (SCP) and the other is out of focus (KryoFlux). There is a big advantage when capturing at a higher resolution, especially for true preservation. The KryoFlux team would like you to believe that resolution doesn't make any difference. Clearly it does. I am sure that is why your post was deleted in their forum.
Ok, Thks for your Reply

But If you look the 'Aufit SCP DUMP' Vs 'Aufit KRYO DUMP'
It would seem, always in the left center picture, It missing some track... BUT in SCP dump not in kryo
You see ? the last middle circle is largest in the Kryo Dump

BUT it's the opposite in in HXCFE representation Smile
We See 3 tracks (we say track ?) in center, on the SCP DUMP
We See 2 track in center on the KRYO DUMP

It's seams, the aufit is graphically more detailed than Xcfe bitmap output, I have no problem with that, 2 Correects Differents representations.

But Why, If the resolution of SCP is better (Is better, fac), why we can't see this Laregst 'track' in the SCP Aufit Dump Representation ?

LastTime : Exactly, the deleted post is for kryo Power Problem (exactly Data Fluctuation with kryo is not connect to MOLEX alimentation, the Data Is wrong but not completly)
But for me it's the similary problem because the Question Is : Is whith Kryo Or scp I preserve the Right Data.
For now and for me, the answer is NO with Kryo.
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How HxC and Aufit display their data depends on how each program interprets the data. HxC has a "hires" mode you can use that makes it much more exact than Aufit, but Aufit2 is suppose to be the same or better. Even so, the dumps done with SCP you posted above clearly show more resolution for the SCP dump. Instead of seeing large blobs of data (wide tracks) you see very small and defined regions with the SCP dump vs. the Kryoflux dump.

The SCP is really no magic hardware. Smile It's just a hardware capture device that uses a 25ns clock. What comes out of the disk drive is stored exactly. If you push that same data back to a floppy disk controller, it would think there was a real disk drive attached. SCP has the capability to output data and be like the HxC, but I have not completed the firmware yet for that. My hold up really is that I don't have the FAT32 done in assembly yet. Everything else is.
Thks for you reply.
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur
You're welcome! You can always contact Jeff (HxC) and DrCoolZic (Aufit) for a better explanation about how their programs show the flux data.
Yes, I'm aleeady in contact with jeff Wink
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur

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