New member with Supercard Pro questions
Is it possible with the Supercard Pro for a Windows 7 PC USB attached 3.5" external drive to read Amiga game diskettes and transfer the game ROMs into Amiga Forever the Amiga emulator for the PC?
Not currently with AmigaForever because it does not (yet) support the .scp image format. You can currently use .scp image files in E-UAE, FS-UAE, and WinUAE. I have spoken with the Cloanto folks and will be doing whatever I can to help them implement .scp format into AmigaForever and C64Forever emulations.
But you realise that all Cloanto is doing is slapping their fancy frontend on WinUAE and WinVICE?
If that were the case, then there would already be SCP support in AmigaForever, and the C64Forever emulation would run a bunch of things that it doesn't. According to them, these are different emulation bases. This would make sense as they are commercial products, which would preclude the use of open source software.
LOL! they just dont use the latest svn version, for example the last c64forever is VICE 2.4... you can download the source right there: (and of course using GPL software in a commercial product is perfectly fine)
Interesting... that is not what I was told, but ok. Smile

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