SCP & double head 3" drive
Did someone already try to use the SCP with a double head drive ?
I have extracted a drive like this from a PCW9512 and I will certainly test this solution this evening, will keep you posted about the results.

If someone already test it, then any feedback is welcome.
Thank you
SCP *always* dumps both sides of the disk, even with single headed drive (you get two copies of the bottom head). So, a double-headed drive will work fine. You would have to use the IBM360 mode though (I think). I will look into that.
Yes, the SCP always considered 1 disk = 2 faces but in our case, we have an empty side for each dump which means that to dump a full disk (I mean both sides), we have 2 files .SCP : Side 1/Empty + Side2/Empty.
I know we can recreate only 1 fil with Samdisk...but benefit to dump disk with a double head drive would be to have only one file in 1 pass.

I'm about to make tests, I will keep you informed about results.

No ??
look here:
You should be able to use the IBM360 format and dump both sides in a single file.
I made some tests yesterday evening (IBM 360, C64 etc...) but it doesn't work: I can create file but it is not readable on CPC, same results with emulator.
I will check the specification of the 2 head drive, maybe the "stepping" is different.
I will look into the IBM360 mode as well. All of the modes should produce the same disk images. C64 mode does 35-41 tracks, but single sided (and two steps per track). You might have to specifiy the drive type to be 48TPI instead of 96TPI for the IBM360 mode to work in your case.
I will performed some additionnal tests this evening and will post here the results...but I'm afraid that it is not possible to read CPC floppy disk with the drive from a PXW 9512 as it seems that it uses a quad density only.
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HI all,

I made some tests yesterday evening, using different option (48 or 96 tpi....) and I didn't succeed to transfert CPC disk using a double head drive. I supposed we can only use this type of drive with 3" 720Ko disk from PCW (which are working using SCP).
Unfortunately, I have never seen any of these types of disks before so I can't be of much help. I have been looking for a drive but I can't find one. Can someone recommend a base CPC system I can buy for testing... maybe I can find two of them and steal the drive out of one of them to interface into the SCP.

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